Dubai Police found Arwen’s (left) lost wallet at the Armani Hotel in Downtown. Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Police

Dubai: The Dubai Police helped an American visitor find her lost wallet, which she misplaced while visiting tourist stops in the city.

The tourist, Diane Mary Arwen, informed the police about losing her wallet after she spent the day using a rented limousine to visit different areas of the city.

She was worried, as the wallet contained her cash and credit cards. A police patrol took her on a search mission, halting at and checking all the places she had visited. They started from a restaurant in Burj Khalifa and went to Umm Suqeim beach, The Palm Jumeirah, and other places.

The police also checked with the lost and found section at Bur Dubai police station.

Later, they went to Armani Hotel in Downtown and discovered that the wallet logged in the lost and found register of the hotel.

“I want to thank the wonderful people [Dubai Police] for helping me to find my wallet and staying with me the entire time. It made my experience of the city wonderful,” the tourist said.