Dubai Police Scholars explore Future Opportunities in Metaverse 1-1660800985084
Dubai Police Scholars Council explores future opportunities in metaverse. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Police Scholars Council recently organised a Metaverse Summer Forum to discuss the ideas of Dubai Police scholars with regards to the virtual world or metaverse.

The forum delved into the investments by major companies and countries in the metaverse. Discussions also revolved around expected effects of the metaverse on social communication, legislation, policies, concerns, security risks and ethics. The forum also tackled topics related to the readiness of governments and security institutions for this trend.

Security in metaverse

The forum featured three discussion panels, including ‘The Virtual World of Metaverse” session, which tackled related security aspects. Second was ‘Discovering promising talents in Metaverse’ that highlighted talents to be attracted; and the third session was about international best practices in the fight against virtual crimes.

Dubai Police Scholars Council highlighted the importance of preparing research on police applications for the virtual world, attracting promising and distinguished metaverses talents, and enriching knowledge about the virtual world and its applications in police fields.

The forum was inaugurated by Major General Pilot Ahmad Muhammad bin Thani, acting commander-in-chief of Dubai Police, in the presence of Major General Dr Muhammad Ahmad bin Fahd, assistant commander-in-chief for Academic and Training Affairs; Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Centre; and several senior officers, officials and university students.