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Dubai: Authorities here have arrested 47 street vendors and seized several vehicles used to illegally sell fruits and vegetables in violation of public health and safety regulations.

Since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, the Suspects and Criminal Phenomena Department at Dubai Police, in collaboration with police stations and strategic partners, have taken action to safeguard the public.

Lt. Col. Talib Mohammad Al Ameri, Head of the Infiltrators Control Section in the General Department of Criminal Investigation, stated that the arrests are part of the efforts of the Dubai Police and its strategic partners to eliminate negative behaviours and ensure the highest levels of security and safety for community members.

Lt. Col. Talib Mohammad Al Ameri

Warning to public

Al Ameri explained that these negative phenomena tend to spread in labour-gathering areas and near their residences.

He urged the public to refrain from purchasing vegetables, fruits, and other food items from street vendors or unlicensed vehicles parked on public roads.

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“The risks of purchasing food products from street vendors or unlicensed vehicles parked on public roads are significant, as these products may be of unknown origin, expired, and may not have undergone proper quality control checks to ensure their safety and compliance with standards.

“In addition, they may violate health regulations and food safety standards, with poor display and storage potentially leading to product damage and serious health risks for consumers,” he explained.

Al Ameri advised dealing only with licensed establishments to secure food needs while preserving their health and food safety.

Al Ameri further highlighted that Dubai Police, in cooperation with partners, continuously monitors violators through planned campaigns and surprise inspections.

He urged the public to report violators to the competent authorities.