Miya Ross Borovitskaya being crowned the Little Miss Universe at Antaliya in Turkey Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An 11-year-old Russian girl from Dubai has won the Little Miss Universe 2018 title.

Just back from Turkey, Miya Ross Borovitskaya said she received the coveted crown at the International Show of Universal Production by Maya Tavadze in Antaliya earlier this month.

“It’s a big International children’s festival that celebrates talent, culture, style and art,” said Miya, a student of the American International School.


Thrilled to have received the honour, Miya said it didn’t come without its share of challenges. “We couldn’t find any financial support, so my family decided to put in all their savings to make my dream come true. I had only two weeks to prepare myself, unlike others who were getting ready for it since a year. But we tried and we won.” She said, “We worked very hard. My mum supported me every step of the way, whether it was in the choice of the six beautiful dresses I wore or the choreography for my dance. We worked on languages and music compositions. I am very thankful to my parents, my dear friends and guides.”

Mia’s mother Natalie said Mia showcased her ability in four languages - Arabic, Turkish, English and Russian. “She is a very hardworking girl. And kindhearted too. She does a lot of work to rescue and save stray animals.”

Mia said, “My mission is to show all children that they should make the most of their talent, be proud and confident and believe in their dreams. We are the future of this world. The country I represent (UAE) combines the delights of the old and the new. The heart of the emirates is open to everyone who wants to visit and experience the real Arabian tale.”