Dr. Hamed Al-Suwaidi Image Credit: Supplied

Being a member of the eminent Al-Suwaidi family, Dr. Hamed Al-Suwaidi along with his family can be considered as the institutional founders of the UAE’s art and cultural identity.

Yet, his educational background and career dive deep into finance and commerce, holding the position of the UAE’s biggest bank, The National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Abu Dhabi Bank FAB, for 15 years and sitting on the board of directors for several investments firms and foundations in the country.

Dr Hamed
Dr. Hamed Al-Suwaidi believes in the power of art and investing in art patronage. He is seen here with his grandfather H.E. Ahmed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Personal Representative to the UAE President Image Credit: Supplied

In 2014, Dr. Hamed Al-Suwaidi earned his PhD from the University of Portsmouth presenting a case study for future managerial developments in tourism and the hospitality sector of Abu Dhabi. His study introduced new ideas about the economic and social impact of the cultural tourism industry. Al-Suwaidi believes that building an image for the nation and reinforcing its identity through cultural investment and preserving its historical heritage is the way to establish a stable cultural tourism.

The Abu Dhabi Art Society

Founding the Abu Dhabi Art Society was the next prudent step for Hamed Al-Suwaidi towards his passion in arts and culture aiming to highlight the beauty of the Emirati cultures through various initiatives and projects. In addition to promoting Emirati artists and provide the right platform for them to be able to pursue their achievements.

More on Abu Dhabi Arts Society

The Non-profit Abu Dhabi Art Society is also determined to organize history projects to shed the light on prominent figures who represent the past and the future of the UAE through fine arts, poetry and different mediums.

Vision and cultural dialogues

Dr. Hamed Al-Suwaidi also believes in the power of art and investing in art patronage to provide support to promising projects and thrive the cultural tourism as it plays a great role in creating dialogues between different nations and allows for art exchange initiatives.

An example of that is the UAE/UK year of Cultural dialogue which made it possible for multiple opportunities to work with different institutes from the UK and invite their officials alongside their families for different events that took place in the UAE and has contributed in strengthening the joint relationship between the UK and the UAE.

Al Suwaidi
While pursuing a career in finance and commerce, Dr. Al Suwaidi’s interests include world history and culture Image Credit: Supplied

Another significant cultural dialogue was gifting the 1856 oil painting, Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy by Dutch artist Aery Scheffer. The painting was presented by the British ambassador to the UAE, Patrick Moody on behalf of Her Majesty’s The Queen of Britain & The Commonwealth’s Government, Sponsored by the Lubin Family and Five Islands Capital Limited of London as a loan in perpetuity to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Personal Interests

Dr. Al Suwaidi’s interests include world history and culture especially that of the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates as a whole. He is also a passionate enthusiast of the English Heritage and an ardent antique collector specifically of classical frames.

In addition to country horse riding, hunting, gardening, farming and playing chess, Dr. Hamed greatly enjoys listening to and reciting poetry. He was raised in a family of renowned poets that includes his brother, Ahmed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi. Dr. Hamed Founded Al Suwaidi Foundation & Ousha Bint Khalifa Al Suwaidi (Fatat Al Arab) in 2019.