Rashid Hospital Doctors reattach woman’s three fingers after she lost them due to a firecracker accident. Image Credit: COURTESY DHA

Dubai: Doctors at Rashid Hospital have succeeded in reattaching a woman’s three fingers after someone put a firecracker in her hand during Diwali celebrations in October.

The incident that was meant to be a joke, ended in the firecracker exploding in the women’s hand, causing her to lose her thumb, ring finger and middle finger of her right hand.

Dr Khalid Al Awadhi, Consultant Hand and Plastic Surgeon and Head of the Hand Surgery Unit at Rashid Hospital said the woman, who is in her late thirties, arrived at the hospital’s ER in great pain.

She was immediately sent to the operation theatre where her thumb was reattached following a five-hour surgery.

“After two days we also reattached her two fingers and took skin from her abdomen to cover them,” said Dr Al Awadhi.

The patient recovered from the successful surgery and was discharged from the hospital. She will be able to move her fingers after physiotherapy over a period of time, and will need cosmetic surgery for her fingers in three months, added Dr Al Awadhi.