File pic of cars on an Abu Dhabi road Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: A Dh400 fine will be imposed on cars and light vehicles that do not adhere to their lanes, Abu Dhabi Police have reminded once again.

The traffic regulation, based on Ministerial No 178 of 2017 regarding traffic control rules and procedures, is now being strictly enforced in the emirate, particularly at intersections and the lead-up to them. The police has therefore issued multiple lane discipline reminders for motorists and in a social media alert on Tuesday, explaining the procedures to follow when changing lanes.

“The driver ... must take into account that his vehicle does not endanger others, and he must clearly, and at a convenient time, announce his desire to change the lane of the vehicle. [The driver must also] use the necessary signals when leaving the lane, entering [a] lane, changing direction to the right or left, taking a left to enter or exit a secondary road, making a U-turn, or reversing,” police said in the social media alert on Tuesday.

Safe lane changes

It also issued these specific instructions:

• Make sure lane changes can be done without putting yourself in danger and without endangering others.

• Take into account the conditions, directions and speeds of [other] road users before changing lanes.

• Announce the lane change ahead of time. This should be done allowing sufficient time for other motorists to take note, using either hand signals or vehicle indicators and this announcement mechanism should remain in place while lanes are being switched.

• Get as close as possible to the right of your lane if you are planning to turn right, or to the median if you are planning to take a left turn at the intersection.

• Guard yourself from oncoming traffic and allow oncoming vehicles to pass first.