Seeking answers: Rachael with Timmy MacColl, who is missing for seven months Image Credit: Supplied photo

Dubai: A £250,000 (Dh1.5 million) reward has been announced for any information that could help find British sailor Timmy MacColl who went missing in Dubai seven months ago.

Appearing in a popular UK television, Timmy’s wife Rachael said the reward had been put up for anyone who would help find Timmy physically.

“My message today is just come forward with information,” she said.

Dressed in a blue outfit and seated next to a Christmas tree, Rachael said she did not believe her husband had disappeared. She spoke about an Australian woman who walked out of a Dubai prison last week when she was believed to be missing for two years.

Such instances held out hope that Timmy would be found one day although he has been missing for seven months.

A sailor in the Royal Navy, Timmy was in Dubai on May 26, 2012 when he was last seen entering a taxi that was to take him back to his ship from a Bur Dubai nightclub.

In June, Dubai taxi drivers received a text message in which they were offered a reward for any information they could give to help authorities find Timmy. But the exercise drew a blank.

In August, an anonymous benefactor offered a substantial cash reward for finding Timmy with the understanding that the payout would be made through the MacColl family.

Rachel said she was thankful for the incredible support from her family and friends.

Narrating her ordeal earlier, the host spoke of how Rachael refuses to give up hope of finding the man she describes as her “soulmate, her first love and best friend”.