Midway stop
The Abu Dhabi Police have warned motorists against stopping in the middle of the road Image Credit: ADP/Twitter

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police have warned motorists against stopping in the middle of the road, and released a video clip that illustrates the dangers of the practice.

In the clip, which the Police shared through its social media platforms, a black four-wheeler can be seen slowing down. The car then stops suddenly on the second lane from the left. A number of oncoming vehicles are able to avoid collisions with the stopped car, but a black sedan swerves too late and ends up crashing into the four-wheeler. Other vehicles can then be seen scrambling to avoid the car accident.

The Police released the clip as part of its Safe and Secure campaign, which aims to make roads in the emirates safer.


The Police has previously called on motorists to always move to the nearest exit when making a sudden stop, or to at least move to the right shoulder of the road. In fact, a Dh1,000 fine and six traffic black points are imposed in Abu Dhabi upon motorists who make a stop in the middle of the road without reason.