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Abu Dhabi: The Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday upheld the death sentences of two Asian men in connection to the rape and murder of a woman in the UAE.

The accused, a watchman and a car cleaner, were found guilty of the crime and sentenced to death by the lower courts of first instance and appeal, a decision the Surpreme Court has now upheld.

The two men planned to barge into the woman’s apartment, which was located in the same building where the watchman works, to kidnap her.

One accused knocked on the door of the woman, and when she opened the door, the other accused who was standing to one side, then forced her inside and tied her up.

The car-cleaner worked in a workshop beside the building where the incident took place.

Both culprits dragged her to the bedroom and raped her.

When the woman tried to defend herself and shout, they filled her mouth with cloth. Both men covered the woman’s mouth until she died.

They confessed to the court that they killed her so that she wouldn’t be able to report the incident to her husband or the police.

Forensic reports found traces of blood at the scene, which matched blood stains found on the clothes of both culprits.

The culprits confessed to the crime and medical reports confirmed a cause of death by choking with hands. One accused choked her throat while the other covered the woman’s mouth and nose.

Public Prosecution referred the case to court and demanded capital punishment.