Dubai: The Dar Al Ber Society has given more than Dh100 million as local contributions to underprivileged students over the last ten years.

Eng Khalfan Khalifa Al Mazroui, Chairman of Dar Al Ber Society, said education is an asset that people need to have in order for their nation to progress and develop.

“We always give a hand to school and university students, and learners of religious sciences, and print the books and theses approved by a specialised scientific committee in the Culture and Studies Sector of the Dar Al Ber Society in line with the true, tolerant and moderate concepts of Islam,” Al Mazroui said.

The Dar Al Ber Society, run by Dubai Government, is one of the leading charity associations operating in the country. The group has held numerous scientific courses, and has sponsored many cultural exhibitions and conferences in the UAE, such as the Hadith Sciences Forum.

“We also buy scientific books needed for underprivileged students, contribute some of them to public libraries, and provide poor students as well as schools and centres with educational aids, including school equipment, stationery, computer devices, and air conditioners.”

The Dar Al Ber Society has also honoured hundreds of students who excelled in academics, organised school competitions and Umrah trips for brilliant learners, and held distant learning examinations at its headquarters on the Shaikh Zayed road.

All financial assistance given to the group through the Zakat and Seasonal Projects Department is subjected to strict and transparent administrative procedures to ensure that only eligible beneficiaries are supported, Al Mazroui said.

“This kind of maintenance clearly embodies the principles of solidarity and humanitarian values affirmed in Islam and imbued in the Emirati society under the UAE’s prudent and generous leadership.”

Abdullah Ali Bin Zayed, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society, said all the philanthropic activities targeting poor and low-income learners would not have been possible without the tireless support of partner contributors whom he thanked for their commitment.