Radars or speed breakers are necessary in Al Quoz Industrial Area, according to Gulf News reader Mohammad Maqdoom. He said large vehicles speed and put pedestrian lives in danger. Image Credit: Mohammad Maqdoom, Gulf News reader

I would like to bring to the notice of the authorities the grave situation in Al Quoz Industrial Area.

On one occasion, I saw a truck jumping a red light. I was at the traffic signal at the time and pedestrians were just about to cross the road. But thankfully, they stopped when they saw the vehicle approaching at high speed, as they knew the driver had no intention of stopping at the light.

In this area, motorists take a right from Al Khalid Road and drive straight on through about five junctions in Al Quoz Residential Area, until they reach the industrial zone.

The speed limit in this location is 60 kilometres per hour, but I have never seen any motorist driving within the stipulated range. Everyone drives at a minimum speed of 100 kilometres per hour.

This is dangerous because the area is full of pedestrians who are trying to cross roads. Recently, I also saw two minor accidents in the same area — all due to speeding.

My suggestions for the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) are to either place radars there or install pedestrian crossings with speed breakers.

There should be a crackdown on such road offenders in order to make Dubai's streets safer.


The reader is a senior application engineer, based in Dubai

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