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Dubai: A mother sought Dubai Police’s help after her son stepped out of his room with hallucinations as his friend gave him an illegal substance.

According to Brigadier Eid Thani Hareb, Director of Anti-Narcotic Department at Dubai Police, the mother sought help for her son, who didn’t realise that he was under the influence of drugs.

The youngster’s friend kept asking him to take drugs as it would help him relax and sleep well. However, he started hallucinating and stepped outside his room, driving his family members into a panic. “His mother contacted Dubai Police for help. He kept telling his family that he consumed drugs and police will arrest him,” said Brig Hareb.

Dubai Police helped the youngster after his urine test came positive. “We comforted his mother and provided mental aid for him and his family. The boy was saved after rehabilitation treatment because of the smart thinking of his family.”

In a separate incident, a girl sought help from Dubai Police after her friend lured her into addiction. The girl was suffering from anxiety and stress before she consumed drugs. “She used to seek help from her friend to supply her with drugs whenever she was feeling angry or nervous. She was heading to her friend one day and felt that she needed to put an end to it and called Dubai Police,” added Brig Hareb.

Dubai Police said that blind trust in friends and belief that one-time consumption of drugs won’t make a difference can lead to addiction among youngsters. “Bad company has a devastating effect. Being addicted to drugs can lead to death,” said Brig Hareb.

He said that Hemaya International Centre at Dubai Police is helping society by providing help and support to addicts if they turned themselves to the police for help. “There should be trust between parents and their children. Parents can call Hemaya International Centre for help and avail free services,” added Brig Hareb.

Article 43 of the Anti-Narcotics Law spares addicts from legal punishment if they voluntarily give themselves up to police. The law also makes it binding on addicts to hand over drugs in possession, and receive treatment. Addicts face legal charges if they refuse to get treated.

The Hemaya International Centre carries out multiple educational programmes for youth, aiming at raising their awareness about illegal usage of drugs.