Dubai: Two workers have been jailed after a court convicted them yesterday of stealing one tonne of iron scrap from the company where they worked, and trying to sell it for Dh1,500.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced each of the Indian workers to one year in jail after Presiding Judge Fahmi Mounir pronounced them guilty of theft.

Prosecutors accused the two accused, 23-year-old S.M. and 34-year-old M.R., of stealing the iron scrap.

According to the chargesheet, prosecutors accused S.M. with forging a company document which permitted him to sell the iron scrap.

When the two suspects appeared in court, S.M. pleaded guilty and M.R. denied his charges.

According to yesterday's judgment, the defendants will be deported after the completion of their sentence.

A 34-year-old Pakistani aluminium fixer, testified that S.M. offered to sell him the scrap iron for Dh1,500. "When I asked him for a bill, he asked me to wait and disappeared inside the company for about 20 minutes. Then he asked me to leave and told me, over the phone, that he would hand me the receipt later. When I drove away from the company, a police patrol stopped and detained me and seized the iron scrap which they claimed to be stolen. I told the police that S.M. sold me the scrap and I identified him and M.R. after they were arrested," claimed the Pakistani in his prosecution statement.

The primary verdict is subject to appeal within 15 days.