Dubai: A woman manager has been accused of using a Roads and Transport Authority [RTA] parking permit issued to one of its male inspectors to dodge paying parking fees.

An Emirati RTA inspector was said to have been inspecting cars parked in Al Muraqqabat area when he saw his co-worker’s parking permit placed on the dashboard of a car in April.

When the Emirati inspector called up his Iranian co-worker to check with him, according to records, the latter notified his colleague that the car on which that permit was placed was not his.

Thereafter, the Iranian inspector asked him to call the police and wait for him until he arrived at the parking lot.

Police investigation revealed that the car belonged to a 34-year-old Syrian woman manager, who was summoned to the location.

Thereafter, it was discovered that she had found the RTA parking permit and used it to park her car for free.

Prosecutors accused the Syrian suspect of using a permit that belonged to someone else to avoid being fined.

The suspect pleaded not guilty when she appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

The Iranian inspector told prosecutors that the suspect told him that she found his RTA parking permit two months before the incident.

“When we confronted her, she admitted that she had been using the permit to avoid being fined,” he testified to prosecutors.

The Emirati inspector told prosecutors that he called the police after he discovered that another person was misusing the permit.

The trial continues.