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Abu Dhabi: The UAE Public Prosecution has released a short film across its social media accounts explaining the penalties for spiking the food or drink of another person with a narcotic substance.

According to the video, Article 50 of Federal Decree-Law No.30 of 2021 for combating narcotic and psychotropic substances, whoever spikes the drink or food of others with narcotic substances or makes another person consume such substances without his/her knowledge of the truth thereof, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a duration not exceeding five years and fined not less than Dh20,000.

The UAE Public Prosecution also said that the punishment would be imprisonment for a duration of not less than 10 years if the acts stipulated in Item 1 of this article are done for the purpose of committing a crime against the victim or making him/her addicted to such narcotic or psychotropic substances.

“If such a result is attained, this shall constitute a circumstance calling for the application of a heavier punishment. The punishment shall be life imprisonment or death penalty if the acts stipulated in Item 1 of this article lead to the death of the victim,” the Public Prosecution said