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Representational image. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Two workers were sentenced to one year in jail for repeatedly molesting a 13-year-old boy on different occasions after sending him messages containing pornographic videos on WhatsApp.

The 13-year-old Pakistani boy took his father’s permission to visit a friend in Al Hamriya last October, but while walking to his friend’s place, a 34-year-old Pakistani worker stopped him and asked him if he knew how to drive before allowing him to drive his car, according to court records. After a quick ride towards Al Mamzar, the man pulled over in a poorly lit area and asked the boy to move to the back seat. He then joined the boy in the back seat and molested him.

Records said the man repeated the act three times within a month until he tried to lure the boy into his car while he was leaving a mosque. The boy managed to escape from his countryman and told his elder brother about the abuse he had suffered. The elder brother in turn told their father who reported the matter to police.

During interrogation, it was learnt that another Pakistani man, aged 35, had also committed the same act with the teenager, but had paid him money.

Prosecutors accused the two suspects of sexually abusing the boy.

The boy claimed that his ordeal first started when the 35-year-old suspect enticed him with money and molested him.

“He lured me with money and gave me Dh500 and Dh600 every time he wanted to molest me,” said the victim. “He also sent me sex movies on WhatsApp. He used to take me to dark alleys around the neighbourhood and do indecent acts with me.

“He molested me several times before he notified the other suspect. I was heading to a friend’s house when the other suspect [34-year-old] called me and let me to drive his car.

“He took me to Al Mamzar where he parked in a poorly lit area and molested me in the back seat. He repeated the same act three times. I dodged him the fourth time when I was leaving the mosque. I told my brother what had happened and then my father called the police,” said the boy.

Dubai Court of Appeals upheld the verdict handed down by the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Both defendants will be deported after serving their sentence.