Dubai: Two men who performed oral sex on each other in a minibus were yesterday jailed for one year each.

A police patrol caught the two in the act in International City.

Prosecutors accused the 24-year-old Pakistani driver, K.A. and the 33-year-old Filipino employee, J.K. of having consensual sex and performing oral sex on each other.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court's Presiding Judge Mohammad Ahmad Shoaib convicted the two men.


When the defendants appeared in courtroom seven, they pleaded guilty and asked the judge for forgiveness.

The two will be deported after serving their prison terms.

J.K. greeted K.A. and hopped into the minibus, according to police records, then explained that he was gay.

The driver alleged that the Filipino introduced himself and asked if he would like to have sex. K.A. parked the minibus in the English Cluster and J.K. undressed.

The defendants were then said to have performed oral sex before the police patrol spotted the minibus which was parked in a suspicious way.


Court records showed that an Emirati policeman spotted the men seating in the back seat. The Filipino was naked while the Pakistani was exposed and had his trousers unzipped.

The policeman testified that K.A. alleged to him that J.K. was his boyfriend and they had been having an affair for one month.

According to court records, K.A. said after the first time they had sex, the employee gave him his mobile phone number and asked him to call him anytime he wanted to have sex. But J.K., the Filipino said he did not know K.A. and they were not friends.


When questioned by the policeman, J.K. alleged that on the day of the incident he was heading to a nearby restaurant when K.A. called him. He further claimed that K.A. touched him on his backside and asked for sex. J.K. said he agreed to perform oral sex on the driver in the minibus because he was afraid.

According to Thursday's judgement, the court was convinced that the defendants agreed to have sex. The two confessed to the charges and pleaded for mercy when they appeared in court Thursday.

Meanwhile the Filipino submitted to court a written letter in which he apologised for what he called his shameful mistake.


In the letter which was addressed to the judge, he wrote: "I am very ashamed about my fault and very much apologise for what I have done especially to God. I am heartily admitting that I am indeed responsible for the act that I have done, consensually having sex with a man. Being inside jail with the help of Dubai Government, I sincerely realised my mistake and even all the simple wrongdoings including from the past."

The primary judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.