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Sharjah: Specialists in the field of psychology and sociology at the Crime Victims Socio-Psychological Support Branch at Sharjah Police Social Support Centre have successfully addressed 488 complaints via a smart service, Sharjah Police has said.

The service caters to victims across different categories of age and nationality, said First Lieutenant Talia Al Sadi, director of Crime Victims Socio-Psychological Support Branch.

The complaints received were mostly about domestic violence and family disputes, behavioral delinquency, blackmail and case of fleeing home. Most of family disputes were settled amicably, the official said.

She said the 24/7 service is free of charge and can be availed on the Sharjah Police website or smart application.

Socio-psychological support

First Lieutenant Dr. Ahmad Abdulrazaq, social worker at the centre, pointed out that the service tackles family and social problems referred by competent authorities. It also raises public awareness about negative phenomena, promotes communication between police and the community, protects crime victims from abuse with help from Al Amal Hospital private clinics.

Confidentiality, he said, is at the core of the socio-psychological work at the centre where staff are qualified to handle issues of privacy and trust.

The official urged the public to feel free to ask for assistance via smart channels or cal 06-5488008.