Police have finally admitted four women have been attacked by an unidentified man, and are calling on residents to remain down.

There has not been a reported attack in the past three weeks, police said.

Gulf News reported the incident on February 25.

In their statement yesterday, police said there were rumours with different scenarios regarding the "unknown attacker", who has been roaming Sharjah and stabbing woman.

Such unsubstantiated gossip included misleading and imprecise information that could spread panic among residents, the statement said.

Police confirmed four female victims had been attacked and stabbed by an "unknown mugger" in different areas of the emirate.

A witness saw one of the attacks and managed to grab the assailant, but he got away before police called in.

Police assured the public they will deal with the matter seriously.

The statement mentioned that the number of police patrols had been increased. Such measures have been taken to achieve security and prevent similar attacks. The police said the suspect is believed to be mentally ill.

Last week, police refused to comment on the incident when contacted by Gulf News. The reasons behind issuing this statement were to respond to the public outcry and to provide a true and clear picture about the situation. The inappropriate spreading of rumours leads to chaos and panic among the residents, the statement said.

This has been felt through the constant and massive number of inquiries that are being addressed to the Sharjah police operations room, the statement said .

Police and Ministry of Interior officials will give the public the details.

Police are asking media to play a cooperative role with authorities, specifically in terms of maintaining security.

They called on newspapers not to spread rumours. The media is also required to consider police efforts to catch this man, the statement said.

"If he has not been arrested in Sharjah yet, is it possible that he might move to Al Ghusais? I'm afraid he might attack my daughter," said a frightened housewife who called Gulf News wanting to check whether the "Sharjah serial attacker" had been captured.

The Egyptian housewife who refused to give her name said: "I beg you to tell me whatever news you have got on that suspect. I am afraid of going out in the evenings. I am afraid, also, that he might attack my daughter."


  • An Iraqi, a Chinese and a Palestinian were attacked in Al Buhaira, Al Mina Road and in Al Yarmook near Al Gharb police station. Another women whose nationality was not identified was attacked while withdrawing money from an ATM in Al Majaz.
  • The first attack occurred on the afternoon of February 13 when a 21-year-old Iraqi woman was stabbed by the man. The attack occurred in Al Majaz near Buhaira Corniche.
  • The second victim a 22-year-old Chinese woman was referred by the police to hospital after being stabbed in the back in Al Yarmook. The third victim is a Palestinian woman, who was attacked near the elevator of her apartment late at night on February 17. The attacker used a sharp instrument and stabbed victims from behind. None of the victims are in serious condition but one victim has 20 stitches.