Dubai: A tutor, who is accused of molesting a 10-year-old schoolgirl while giving her home lessons, will be examined by a special panel of psychiatrists to evaluate his mental condition.

An Emirati mother was reported to have hired the 66-year-old Sudanese tutor to give lessons to her three children at home in Al Nahda area.

The family had CCTV cameras installed in the house and the mother was checking the footages one evening when she saw, according to records, the tutor behaving inappropriately with her daughter.

The girl quickly changed the way she was standing when her mother entered the room where the tutor was teaching her in private.

After reviewing previous CCTV footages, the mother discovered that the Sudanese tutor had repeatedly molested her daughter on different occasions.

Police arrested the tutor after the family complained.

When the suspect showed up in the Dubai Court of First Instance, he pleaded not guilty and denied molesting the girl several times in January.

Presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi decided to refer the suspect to a committee of psychiatrists to examine his sanity.

The committee is expected to produce its medical report to court by June 27 about the suspect’s sanity and whether he was liable and aware of his behaviour during the incident.

The mother claimed the incident happened after she noticed the tutor acting bizarrely with her daughter during the lessons.

“I saw my girl standing behind the couch meanwhile the suspect was bending over … when I entered the room, she changed the position in which she had been standing. The suspect grabbed his papers and left the place. I reviewed the previous CCTV footages and discovered that the tutor had molested my girl several times. I told my husband about the incident … and we called the police,” the mother told prosecutors.

The girl was cited as telling prosecutors that the suspect used to touch her indecently and put his hands inside her clothes.

She was also quoted as telling prosecutors that the suspect used to give her the last lesson after her sister to carry out those indecent acts with her.