The jewel thief: Bojana Mitic Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Meet Dubai Police's three most wanted women.

Lt Col Ahmad Humaid Al Marri, Director of the Criminal Investigations Division at Dubai Police, gives the lowdown on three female felons who come from different backgrounds but have one thing in common: they all have been deemed most wanted by Dubai Police due to the severity of their crimes.

Read on to learn what they did and see if any of them looks familiar ...

The Jewel thief
Bojana Mitic, 33

Don’t let her innocent looks deceive you. Serbian Bojana Mitic, 33, is a key member of Pink Panther, the international gang of jewel thieves which carried out the daring Dh55 million jewellery heist at Dubai’s Wafi Mall in 2007. “Mitic played an important role in the heist. She drove one of the Audis into the mall and also acted as a timekeeper while her masked accomplices robbed the Graff jewellery store in the mall,” said Al Marri. CCTV footage showed Mitic sounding the car horn to alert the gang that their time limit was up and police were on their way. “We arrested eight gang members in cooperation with Interpol. Mitic is the only one on the run,” he added.

The blonde is believed to be in Serbia. “We are on the lookout for her and will hopefully catch her.”

The Assassin
Gail Foliard, 35

Gail Foliard (not her real name), 35, was one of the women responsible for assassinating Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh at a Dubai Hotel in 2010. “There were a number of women in the 28-member Mossad team,” Al Marri said, “but none of them had a more significant role than Foliard role.”

Foliard was assigned to keep watch and prevent anyone from entering the hotel corridor. “There was a minor scuffle between Mabhouh and the assassins. She kept watch until the attackers took control and smothered Mabhouh to death with a pillow in his hotel room.” Al Marri said that revealing the identities of Mossad agents dealt a blow to the Israeli intelligence agency. “Even though they are still on the run, their identities and pictures have been made public. The scandal led to the resignation of Meir Dagan, the Mossad director at that time,” he said.

The drug Smuggler
Sarah 30 (photo not available)

Pakistani Sarah, 30, came to the city for the Dubai Shopping Festival in 2012 with her husband and son disguised as tourists. “Her husband had 70 capsules of heroin hidden in his intestines, amounting to 900 gm.”

The family had barely settled in a hotel room when Sarah found that one of the capsules had burst inside her husband’s guts. “A capsule has 70-80 gm of heroin, which can kill a person within five minutes,” Al Marri said.

As the severity of the situation dawned on Sarah, she placed a Do Not Disturb sign outside the room, dashed to the airport with her son and flew to Pakistan, leaving her husband behind, battling for life. Room service found the body two days later and called police. Al Marri said they have alerted authorities in Pakistan about Sarah.