Dubai:  A policeman, whose wife allegedly caught him having sex with his Indonesian housemaid in a pigeon cage, has denied all charges levelled against him.

According to prosecution records, the 37-year-old Emirati police corporal's Uzbek wife alleged that she spotted her husband undressing and sexually abusing their 25-year-old housemaid inside the pigeon cage in their villa's front yard.

During prosecution questioning, the housemaid alleged that the suspect raped her nearly 14 times.

Prosecutors charged 37-year-old H.S. with frequently beating, molesting and raping 25-year-old N.F. after threatening to kill her if she reported his abuse to the police. N.F. testified that the suspect raped her when his wife took the children to school.

"I am not guilty. I didn't rape her or threaten her. That did not happen," argued H.S. before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

Death threat

H.S. was also charged with threatening to kill her by allegedly saying, "I will kill you if you report the police what happened."

The housewife told prosecutors, "I was buying clothes for my children when N.F. told me what my husband did to her over the phone. I also spotted him molesting and abusing her on three different occasions. I saw him molesting her in the pigeon cage, and while she was ironing the clothes and inside the washroom. She used to resist him and reject his advancements."

Presiding Judge Al Saeed Mohammad Barghout adjourned the case until June 7.