Dubai: The lawyer of a Dubai-based former editor on trial for murdering his wife on Wednesday requested to delay the hearing to present his defense, a court heard.

Emirati Lawyer Ali Al Shamsi, representing Francis Matthew, the Dubai-based British journalist, accused of killing his wife with a hammer in July 2017, requested more time from Dubai Court of Appeal to present his defense.

Al Shamsi declined to give statement to media after the court delayed the session to November 6, claiming that his words being taken out of context by the British media earlier last month.

“No comment about this case because previously British media changed my comments,” Al Shamsi said.

In March 2018, a lower court sentenced Matthew to ten years in jail for premeditated murder, following an assault that led to death of his wife at the couple’s villa in Umm Suqeim, in July 2017.

In October 2018, the Dubai Appeal Court overturned the 10-year imprisonment against Matthew, and increased his punishment to 15 years in jail.

Later in December 2018, Dubai’s highest court overturned the British editor’s 15-year sentence and ordered a fresh trial.

Matthew’s lawyer Al Shamsi is seeking leniency after the demise of the victim’s father meant the family’s private right had been waived.

Under the UAE law, the family of the victim has the right not to grant leniency. Matthew’s son waived his right and the victim’s father was the only remaining person who could have objected to an early release.