Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim Image Credit: javed Nawab, Gulf News

Dubai: The assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai has become an international case as more western states have started parallel investigations, the Chief of Dubai Police said Thursday.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim also said the police were waiting for the final forensic report, which would reveal "more surprises".

"The new elements and further investigation would remove any remaining doubts about the dangerous suspects involved in the crime," he told Gulf News.

A final medical forensic test which was sampled and delivered to a forensic laboratory in France around the time of the murder on January 19 will be presented to Dubai's public prosecution once the results are received, Dahi said.

"It takes about a month for the results to be ready and I suspect within days we will have the results," he said while adding there is ample evidence to pinpoint those involved in the crime.

He had told Gulf News earlier that "all elements strongly indicate the involvement of Mossad," the Israeli foreign intelligence agency.

He described the case as "an international organised crime not only affecting the emirate, but as evident, it involves many European countries and Arab countries as well."

Six of the suspects had British passports, three Irish passports, one each with French and a German passport. These countries have said the passports appear to be fraudulent, which makes it a security threat, Dahi added.

The UK has pledged to fully investigate the use of fake British passports by some of the suspected killers. Meanwhile Ireland, Germany and France pledged "full cooperation" in the investigation.

Further, investigations are currently carried by UAE to five credit-card accounts at a US-based financial institution that officials say were used by five of the suspects, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, citing a person familiar with the situation.

Dahi, meanwhile, said that "at any point in our investigations there is the possibility of having more people added to the list. So far we provided the names and photos of 11 suspects, which have been posted on the Interpol website's wanted list with red notices."

Jordan has already assisted in the investigation by extraditing two Palestinian suspects who fled the UAE shortly after the murder. They are believed to be two former members of security forces of the Palestinian Authority.

An additional suspect arrested in Syria is believed to be a senior Hamas fighter, according to agencies.

The Associated Press also quoted an unnamed source in the UAE as saying the number of suspects has increased to at least 18.