Four packages of heroin that were concealed in the parts of a suitcase. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Customs inspectors at Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport have foiled an attempt by an Asian traveller to smuggle in 880 grams of pure heroin, ingeniously concealed in seven packages in a suitcase, a laptop and the soles of shoes.

Director of Passenger Operations Department Ibrahim Kamali said inspectors conducted a thorough search of the passenger upon suspicion and discovered seven carefully concealed packages filled with heroin.

Al Kamali clarified that Dubai Customs’ electronic control system is a smart and innovative mechanism that relies on the efficiency of its operational processes. The mechanism seamlessly connects relevant inspection departments using electronic systems, monitoring and auditing mechanisms to ensure efficient and professional inspection operations. This is achieved using electronic systems, skilled human resources, and data analysis to guarantee the quality and efficiency of outputs.

Al Kamali said Dubai Customs officers are specially trained to combat drug trafficking and can identify different types of drugs, methods of smuggling, monitoring and handling hazardous materials