Ajman: A man will pay a fine, receive lashes and will be deported for consuming alcohol in his room in Ajman, according to court documents, Gulf News has learned.

The Arab man was sentenced by the court to pay a Dh1,500 fine. He will receive 80 lashes, after which he will be deported.

A medical test conducted after his arrest showed alcohol in his bloodstream.

Police told Gulf News that the 26-year-old Moroccan — identified as M.Z. — was last week arrested in his room, which he shared with others.

M.Z. was arrested along with the other residents, including a man and a woman who lived in the same place.

Police said they went to arrest another man, but when they found the accommodation was being shared, they arrested everybody. The residents were taken for medical tests to establish if they had sexual relationships, police said.

"The law bans unmarried men and women from staying in one place. We found that M.Z. consumed alcohol in his room and he was referred to the Public Prosecutor," a police source said.

The court found there had not been any sexual relations between the residents.

M.Z.'s sister told Gulf News that her brother came to work in Dubai as a tailor three years ago.

"We are a poor family and we have our parents who we are supporting back home. My brother is not bad person. He consumes alcohol in his room," she said.