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Dubai: An Emirati man was sentenced to three years in jail for falsely registering his three daughters under his ex-wife’s name in order to avoid paying high hospital bills.

The Dubai Court of First instance heard on Thursday that the 33-year-old Emirati defendant claimed that he used his ex-wife’s name and insurance card when he admitted his second wife to hospital to give birth to his three daughters between February 2008 and December 2012.

In 2018, his former wife, a 34-year-old Omani woman, discovered that the defendant registered three daughters under her name.

The defendant, who worked in the armed forces, committed the forgery to avoid hospital fees and being sacked from his job because he married the second wife without a security permission.

“I saw the accused’s family record in 2018 and spotted my name as mother of his children. I confronted him and he asked me to give him some time to have that fixed but he didn’t fix it,” she said in official records.

The woman headed to the hospital where the girls had been born and requested a copy of her medical file.

“I have never been to that hospital in my life, not even for a consultation, but their records carried my name as mother of three girls and even had one miscarriage.”

The Omani victim reported the incident to Dubai Police.

During questioning, the accused admitted to making the forgeries.

He said he married his second wife from Comoros Islands, before obtaining a security check.

To avoid being sacked from his job and paying high hospital bills, he used his first wife’s insurance card when he admitted his second wife to hospital, according to Dubai Public Prosecution.

He was charged with forging official documents, using them and obtaining passports and identification cards to his daughters based on forgeries.

The vrdict will be subject for appeal within 15 days.