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Dubai: Dubai Court of First Instance has sentenced a man to three months in jail for assaulting and threatening to kill a woman after a heated argument.

The 22-year-old Egyptian allegedly punched and kicked a 30-year-old American woman of Arab origin before lifting her up and slamming her down at her residence in Jebel Ali last December.

“The accused arrived at my apartment and started insulting me,” said the victim. “I picked up his items and asked him to leave when he pushed me and knocked me on the ground.”

She claimed that the man then banged her head against the floor and threatened to kill her.

“He told me he would orphan my children as punched me over and over again. He hand missed me and hit the floor once, during which time I managed to escape to the bathroom and lock myself inside until he left the apartment,” she added.

A Filipina maid called the police despite the defendant threatening to kill her if she reported him.

The medical report said the woman suffered multiple injuries, including a fracture in one of her fingers.

According to Dubai Public Prosecution, the defendant apologised to the victim and gave an offer to waive her rights in the case.

He was charged with making threats, hurling insults and physical assault.

The court ordered the defendant to be deported after he had served his sentence.