Dubai: A blacksmith denied in court yesterday that he had the magic powers to make $25 million fall from the sky by dealing with genies.

Prosecutors accused the 30-year-old Chadian blacksmith of dealing in sorcery and claiming that he had magical powers that could make $25 million (Dh92 million) fall from the sky.

He was additionally charged with possessing $34,000 in counterfeit currency for trading purposes.

"I am not guilty… I did not possess any counterfeit currency or claim any magical powers," argued I.O. when he defended himself before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

According to the arraignment sheet, prosecutors said I.O. claimed that he enjoyed magical powers with the intent to gain money unlawfully.

Deceiving people

Prosecutors said he claimed to a policeman that he dealt in sorcery and used magical powers to bring down millions of dollars from the skies by dealing with genies.

According to prosecution records, the suspect asked the Emirati policeman to bring sea water after performing the prayer and then I.O. brought an empty metal box to put the dollars into.

"Sir, I ask the court to pronounce my innocence," I.O. said before Presiding Judge Al Saeed Mohammad Barghout. A verdict will be heard on January 12.

Illegal profits

The policeman testified: "An informant tipped Dubai Police's economic crimes section that the suspect was claiming supernatural powers and that he deals in sorcery to deceive people and gain illegal profits. We agreed to meet in a flat in Al Mamzar. I brought with me the stuff he asked me to get… he placed a big piece of cloth on the floor and asked me to pray. Then he asked me to pray for the money to come down and told me to go to fetch sea water.

"On my way there, he phoned me and claimed that the genies had arrived and got the money. I returned… he asked me to pray six times until genies filled the box with money. Then he asked me to give him Dh200 as tip for the genies… thereafter we arrested him in a sting operation."

Police said they seized fake money from I.O.