Dubai: A Pakistani man will be executed for repeatedly slitting a prostitute’s neck and stealing her cash and mobile phones.

The 29-year-old murderer A.K. lost his petition on Monday before the Dubai Cassation Court that confirmed the capital punishment against him.

Dubai’s highest court rejected his plea to have his capital punishment cancelled or reduced to imprisonment.

Senior Chief Prosecutor Yousuf Foulaz, Head of Deira Prosecution, had asked for the implementation of the death sentence against A.K.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the defendant committed a cold-blooded murder when he slit the Uzbek prostitute’s neck three times and stole her Dh200 and two mobiles.

Citing self-defence, A.K. pleaded not guilty before the courts of First Instance, Appeal and Cassation.

The capital punishment was unanimously approved by three judges from the Court of First Instance’, three from the Appeal Court and five from the Cassation Court.

The defendant was sentenced to death despite the fact that he provided the court with a written waiver that he obtained from the victim’s parents.

The capital punishment will be carried out immediately after being approved by the ruler.

A.K.’s court-appointed lawyer said before the primary court that the defendant did not have the strength to kill the Uzbek woman who was bigger than him.

“A.K. is short and skinny. He is as weak as a bird and it would have been impossible for such an ‘innocent bird’ to have killed such an oversized woman,” his lawyer said in court.

His lawyer said the defendant did not have any intention to steal or kill the victim. “She was a sex worker. My client went to her flat and he didn’t even have sex with her. She stole his Dh6,000… the money which he was accused of stealing belonged to him,” argued the advocate.

Records said A.K. killed the woman, S.H., after a financial dispute. He purchased a medium-sized knife and attacked S.H. from behind when he was in her flat.

When questioned by prosecutors, A.K. claimed: “She deserved to die because she made me drunk and robbed me.”

The woman’s Afghan husband asked his friend to check on her because her mobile was switched off. The friend found her body in her flat.

Monday’s judgement is irrevocable.