Dubai: A male nurse has been jailed for three years for accidentally killing his workmate when they both fought in the street after they had oral sex with another man.

The two Filipino nurses were drunk and walking back to their residence when a Pakistani stranger asked to have sex with them in the street in August. After the Filipinos finished their sexual encounter with the Pakistani, the 28-year-old accused told his countryman that he wanted to go home in Al Satwa.

However, the workmate wanted to search for more men to have sex with. Their argument resulted in a fight which ended with workmate dying after his head hit the pavement.

Unaware of his workmate’s instant death, the accused went home and returned after 30 minutes to find the victim’s body on the ground between two vehicles.

He called the police and claimed that some Pakistani men chased them and pushed the deceased, who fell and died after his head hit the pavement.

When questioned by the police, the defendant said they were drunk and heading home when they stopped and had oral sex with a Pakistani man.

He told police interrogators that the victim wanted to stay and have more sex with more men unlike him because he wanted to return home. He told the police that they fought and he pushed the deceased whose head hit the pavement and died.

On Monday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 28-year-old Filipino of assaulting his countryman and causing his unintended death.

Presiding judge Habib Awad said the accused, who pleaded not guilty, will be deported.

When he appeared in court, the accused contended: “I did not push him. I didn’t kill him.”

Dubai Police’s forensic examiners confirmed that the victim succumbed to severe haemorrhage in his skull.

Meanwhile, the Dubai Misdemeanours Court jailed the Filipino one year for having oral sex with the Pakistani man, who was also handed a similar jail term. The Filipino was also handed two extra months in jail for drinking alcohol and falsely telling the police that other men pushed the victim.

The accused was quoted admitting to prosecutors that the incident happened after they were walking back to their residence.

“We were drunk and walking home. A Pakistani man called us and asked to have sex with us in the street. We had oral sex with him. After we finished, the victim said that he wanted to have more sex with other men but I insisted that we go home. We fought and I pushed him. He fell and his head hit the pavement. A group of Pakistani men had intervened and stopped the fight between us. I left him on the ground and went. When I returned after 30 minutes, I discovered that he had died. When police arrived at the scene, I told them that a group of Pakistani men had chased us and assaulted him,” he was quoted as saying.

A police lieutenant said the accused retracted his statement and alleged that he had pushed the victim but did not intend to cause his death.