Abu Dhabi: The Federal Supreme Court has upheld the life sentence of an Emirati convicted of joining the terrorist organisation Daesh and training in its camps,

The court rejected an appeal by the man, 25, and upheld the ruling by the Abu Dhabi Federal Appeals Court to sentence him to life behind bars.

The man was convicted of committing terrorist crimes and joining the terrorist group Daesh in Syria. He was initially sentenced to death by the State Security Court of the Federal Supreme Court.

Later, he was granted retrial before the then newly established Abu Dhabi Appeals Court after he turned himself in to the public prosecution.

The Appeals Court commuted the sentence to life in prison, which was confirmed by the UAE’s highest judicial authority.

The sentence is final and, therefore, may not be appealed.

In another case, the court upheld a seven-year jail term handed down to another Emirati who was accused of posting offensive tweets and images against a brotherly country and insulting its leaders.

The defendant also had his three-year probation period confirmed.

In the third case, the Federal Supreme Court upheld an 18-month jail term given to an Emirati for illegal gun possession and illegal fake bomb possession.

The court also ordered that the firearms be confiscated.

The Federal Supreme Court will announce its ruling on October 23 in an appeal by a citizen of a Gulf country, who was sentenced to five years in jail for attempting to join the terrorist organisation Al Islah, an offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, designated terrorist by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.

The court is set to announce its ruling in another case on October 23 in an appeal by two Gulf citizens, who were sentenced to five years in prison for posing possible terrorist threat.