Dubai: A jobless man has been accused of getting drunk, forcing his way into a stewardess’s residence where he stripped her naked and attempted to rape her.

The 27-year-old man, from Sierra Leone, was said to have taken followed the 26-year-old Estonian woman to her residence and knocked on the door. When she answered the door, he forced his way inside and beat her, dragged her to the bedroom where he assaulted her physically and removed her clothes wanting to have sex with her in January 2015.

Records said the woman, who was beaten brutally, resisted the suspect and foiled his attempt.

Prosecutors accused the defendant of getting drunk, assaulting and attempting to rape the woman and stealing her purse and Dh200.

The jobless man entered a not guilty plea before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

“I did not to that. I did not even drink liquor,” the defendant told presiding judge Urfan Omar.

The Estonian testified to prosecutors that once she returned to the building where she lives, she spotted the defendant standing beside the lift.

“I went up. The suspect followed me and knocked on the door. When I answered he pushed his way inside. He grabbed me and pushed me into my bedroom. He undressed me forcibly and threw me on the bed. When I cried loudly for help and resisted him, he punched and beat me. After I foiled his rape attempt, he snatched my purse and ran away,” she claimed.

The suspect was cited confessing to prosecutors that he had consumed liquor and robbed the woman.

Dubai Police’s forensic examination reports confirmed that the Estonian sustained injuries and bruises to different parts of her body due to the physical assault.

Records said the defendant was identified from his photos that were recorded on the building’s CCTV cameras.

The woman identified the suspect at the police line up three times.

The suspect’s lawyer is expected to present a defence argument when the court reconvenes on April 8.