Customers try out the new iPad at the Apple Store in Toronto. The new tablet is labelled as ‘4G’ — but the connection does not work in countries with incompatible networks. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai A businessman exposed the identity of an engineer, who stole his iPad he had left on an aircraft, through the iCloud application.

When the Indian businessman, who made a one-day trip to Dubai, contacted the airline's lost and found section, a receptionist informed him that his iPad had not been found on the aircraft. 

A few days later, the businessman's wife called the airline again to inform them that their employee [a Filipino engineer named B.S.] had stolen the iPad.

The wife told the airline employee who answered her call that they had discovered through her husband's iCloud account that B.S. had changed her husband's username and logged into the iPad.

"We found BS's real identity and that he worked as an engineer at the airline, through his Facebook account," the wife told the employee.

Pleaded guilty

B.S. pleaded guilty and provided a written waiver that he had obtained from the businessman to the Dubai Court of First Instance Sunday.

A policeman who interrogated the suspect testified: "The airline employee claimed during questioning that the businessman's iPad bears a serial number. And via iCloud, the Indian claimant discovered that B.S. had changed his log in details and used the stolen iPad".

"B.S. admitted during questioning that when he went to check the aircraft after the flight, he found the iPad and took it."

A verdict in the case will be heard on May 22.