Dubai: Seven days and six nights was all it took for an Arabian couple to cut-short their honeymoon in Europe, fly back to Dubai and head to court, to file for divorce.

The man and his countrywoman had been engaged for some time before tying the knot in Dubai. They then arranged to spend their honeymoon in a European country, packed their luggage and flew out for their holiday.

Having not been allowed to touch her or sleep with her during the week-long honeymoon, the husband approached Dubai Sharia Court seeking divorce upon their return to the country.

“The couple did not sleep together during what was a planned and hoped-for honeymoon," a source close to the case told Gulf News.

"The wife didn’t allow her husband to have consensual sex with her," thesource acced. "She even accused him of being tight-fisted and stingy in terms of spending money on her. Meanwhile, the husband accuses his wife of being lavish and one who spends money extravagantly and unnecessarily.” 

Once their plane landed, the couple walked out of Dubai International Airport only for the wife to head back to her family’s house, said the source.

Meanwhile, the husband decided to take legal action and lodged a divorce claim before the Dubai Courts that referred the case to a marriage counsellor of the Family Guidance and Reconciliation Section.

The section officials summoned the couple for several counselling sessions, but  when every litigant refused to have the disagreement resolved amicably, the case was referred to the Sharia Court, the source said.

"The husband is expected to present his submissions to the Sharia judge and the wife as well. A hearing will be held soon,” the source added.