Dubai: A drunk businessman landed in trouble when a man handed him over to the police for groping his wife.

The 42-year-old Pakistani businessman was said to have been drinking heavily with his friend before the incident in February.

When the businessman and his countryman molested the Indian housewife, who was crossing a dark alley with her husband, according to records, she called out to him. Her spouse grabbed the 42-year-old and stopped him from running away; the other drunk man however escaped.

The Pakistani man, who was very drunk, cried, apologised and begged the husband to let him go.

The husband kept a hold of the businessman until police officers came and took him into custody.

Prosecutors accused the Pakistani of getting drunk and molesting the housewife.

When the suspect appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance, he pleaded not guilty and strongly refuted the accusations of having molested the woman.

“Yes I drank liquor but I did not grope the woman … the other man who absconded is the one who touched her,” the suspect said before presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi.

According to the accusation sheet, prosecutors said the 42-year-old and the runaway suspect had both molested her.

The woman told prosecutors that the incident happened while she was walking back to her house with her husband at 8.30pm.

“We had reached an alley behind a hospital when I felt someone groping me from behind. I turned quickly and shouted at the two men who seemed to be drunk. I told my husband, who was quick enough and restrained one of them … the other man absconded. We called the police that came and apprehended the suspect,” she said.

The husband claimed to prosecutors that some pedestrians helped him restrain the businessman and hand him over to the police when they arrived.

The trial continues.