Dubai: A guard who molested a woman after having failed to rape her near her flat has been jailed for three months.

The Filipina woman was returning at night to the building where she lived at Dubai Investment Park when the 37-year-old Pakistani guard used his swipe card to open the door for her and let her in at 11.30pm.

As she walked towards the lift, the accused offered to help carry her shopping bags to her flat.

Despite the Filipina refusing his help, the guard entered the lift and they both went up to the fourth floor.

As the lift door opened, the accused asked the woman to go with him but she refused and walked towards her flat.

The guard chased the woman, pulled her towards him and attempted to pull down her trousers but when he failed as they were tight, he molested her.

The Filipina pushed the accused away and hid in her flat from where she called the police.

On Monday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of molesting the Filipina.

Presiding judge Habib Awad said the accused, who had pleaded not guilty, will be deported after serving his punishment.

“She is my friend from a long period of time. I did that in a friendly manner but I didn’t molest her,” the argued in court.

The Filipina said the incident happened as she came back from a nearby hypermarket where she had been shopping.

“I did not have my e-card to open the main door … the defendant swiped the card for me and followed me to the lift. He offered to assist me in carrying the goods to my flat, but I rejected. Then when the lift door opened, he asked me to go with him. I didn’t respond and I went to my flat. He chased me in the corridor and grabbed me. When he failed to remove my pants, he molested me,” she testified.

Records said traces of semen found on the woman’s dress matched with that of the accused.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal.