20200918 Dubai Courts
The Dubai Courts building. Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman/Gulf News Archives

Dubai: A gang of four men has been accused of muzzling to death a Dubai security guard during a robbery attempt.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday that the two Nigerian men and two Pakistani defendants killed the security guard who was on duty at the construction site in International City in June 2020. Dubai Police arrested all members of the gang within 48 hours, according to official records.

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One of the Nigerian defendants agreed with the others to steal electrical cables from a construction site and sell them. They went to the site at midnight and attacked the security guard, who was reportedly busy on his mobile phone. “They attacked him from behind and tied his hands and legs with tape. The defendants have admitted to muzzling the guard’s mouth and his face with a tape as he was resisting and screaming for help. After ten minutes, the victim died,” said the 28-year-old Emirati policeman on official records. The defendants claimed they covered the victim’s face with tape in order to make sure he wouldn’t be able to identify any of the defendants.

“The Nigerian men were stealing cables and selling it to the two Pakistani men. The Pakistani defendants refused to steal the cables and left the spot. The other two then went to check on the victim, but he had passed away.”

According to records, the Pakistani men left the crime spot as they didn’t agree with the two Nigerians to tie up the security guard because the Nigerian men had initially told them that the victim would agree to allow them to enter the site and steal the cables.

At 5.30am, a group of workers reached the site when they found the body of the security guard and alerted Dubai Police. Medical reports revealed that the defendant was muzzled to death.

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The two Nigerian men have admitted to killing the victim and the attempted robbery.

Dubai Public Prosecution has charged all four defendants with premeditated murder. The next hearing is scheduled for November 15.