Some of the seizures made from the residential apartment from where the fraudsters operated in Sharjah. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Criminal Investigation Department of the Sharjah Police have arrested a gang of five members for impersonating employees of banks and government institutions to entrap victims and emptied cash from their bank accounts.

The gang members, all Asians, confessed to their crime. Legal measures were taken against them and they were referred to Public Prosecution for further action.

Colonel Omar Ahmed Bu Alzoud, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, said the gang used a residential apartment as their headquarters to carry out their fraudulent operations, which were tracked down by the Organised Crime Department following tip-offs.

The apartment was raided and the suspects were arrested. Mobile phones, computers and SIM cards which found in the apartment were seized from the apartment.

Colonel Bu Alzoud explained that the fraudsters made random calls to the public, impersonating as bank employees, asking for personal data and issuing warningsabout blocking or freezing accounts where there was no response. This forced the call recepients to provide details, following which money would be withdrawn from their bank savings.

Colonel Bu Alzoud called on community membersnot to fall prey to such fraudsters.