Dubai: A fireman who was allegedly engaged in a steamy encounter in his car tossed the woman out and sped away naked when he heard the sounds of police sirens near where he was parked.

Records show that the two — the 25-year-old Emirati fireman and the 27-year-old Moroccan woman — were parked near Al Faqa’a village on Dubai-Al Ain road. On hearing police sirens, the fireman kicked the woman out and drove against the flow of traffic at speeds of more than 200km/h.

Police gave up chase as they did not want to endanger other motorists on the road, the records show.

After being left stranded, the woman dialled 999 and told police that she had been raped.

When the woman appeared before the Dubai Misdemeanour Court on Wednesday, she denied having sex with the Emirati.

Instead, her lawyer argued that it was a kidnap and rape case and not one of consensual sex. He said the fireman had driven to a remote area where he parked his car, removed his clothes and asked to have sex with the woman.

“He was completely naked when he tossed my client [Moroccan woman] out of his car and whizzed away speedily when he heard police sirens. He claimed that he agreed to have sex with her for Dh3,000. My client was found with her clothes ripped off and had bruises all over her body... this [is a] kidnap and rape case. She did not have consensual sex,” the lawyer argued in Courtroom 11.

He further contended that she had been discussing the possibility of marriage after being introduced to the fireman by her countrywoman who is married to an Emirati.

“Following three phone calls, my client met up with the suspect to discuss their wedding plans and marriage life,” the woman’s lawyer argued.

“It’s very strange how prosecutors and the police disregarded my client’s claim that she dialled 999 to report that she was being raped. There is 10 minute recording of her SOS call and the court could check the phone records of Dubai Police’s Operation Room.”

The woman’s lawyer countered the fireman’s claims that he had agreed to pay the woman Dh3,000 to have sex with her.

“She works as ground staff at the airport and gets a Dh10,000 salary and lives in a company-provided accommodation. Why would she do such an indecent [thing[ while she lives a satisfactory life? [Supposing that] the man’s claim were right, how could someone, who has not yet paid an alimony of Dh1,000 for his marriage, agree to have sex with a woman for Dh3,000? That is insane and illogical. His claims were unfounded and [he] gave an inconsistent statement,” the lawyer argued.

“My client was found in a miserable condition as she was crying and her clothes were ripped off and she had bruises. When law enforcement officers advised my client to marry the suspect to avoid being deported, she did so reluctantly. We provide the court with their marriage contract and which clearly mentions that her alimony is Dh1,000... but she has not collected anything. How could someone agree to have sex for Dh3,000 when he cannot afford Dh1,000?”

The fireman was not present in court on Wednesday. Judgment will be handed down later this month.

The Dubai Traffic Misdemeanour Court recently fined the fireman Dh1,000 for reckless and dangerous driving.