Dubai: A couple have been accused of having a sexual affair that resulted in an illegitimate child whom they tried to register in the name of another father using forged marriage papers.

Dubai Police were said to have been called into a building in Al Nahda area following the brawl between a 48-year-old Emirati employee and a 31-year-old Uzbek woman employee in July.

The Emirati and Uzbek woman, along with her nine-month-old new-born girl, were taken to the police station for further questioning before it was discovered that the couple had been involved in an unmarried sexual affair.

Police discovered that the couple’s unwedded affair resulted in the birth of an illegitimate baby girl and they used false marriage papers that they submitted to the hospital where the Uzbek woman delivered in September 2017.

Prosecutors charged the Emirati man and the Uzbek woman of having consensual sex that resulted in an illegal child, using forged marriage papers to register the new born under the name of an Uzbek father and not the 48-year-old.

Forged marriage contract

According to the charges sheet, prosecutors said the suspects collaborated in forging the marriage contract in which the Uzbek woman was mentioned to have been married to an Uzbek man.

Then they submitted the forged marriage papers to the hospital where the woman had delivered the Emirati’s child on the pretext that the real father was the Uzbek man.

The suspects pleaded not guilty and refuted the accusations when they appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

The Emirati suspect asked presiding judge Mohammad Jamal to adjourn the case until he presents his written defence.

The Uzbek woman testified to prosecutors that her countrywoman helped her obtain the forged marriage contract that she emailed to her.

“We submitted the forged marriage papers to the hospital to register our baby girl in the name of the Uzbek man who was purportedly mentioned on the marriage contract. I had met the Emirati suspect in a nightclub and we fell in love with each other. We have been having a sexual affair for more than six years until it resulted in my pregnancy in March 2017,” she claimed to prosecutors.

Prosecution records said forensic examinations confirmed that the Emirati suspect is the biological father of the nine-month-old girl.

The trial continues.