Dubai: If you need a lawyer to defend you in any case in the UAE you have to make sure that your lawyer is registered at the Ministry of Justice and at the courts.

If you are living in the UAE or visiting the country and you need to hire a lawyer, you must register the contract between you and the lawyer at the Attorney General's office.

You can hire a lawyer to represent you from any emirate. The court will hire a translator for those who cannot speak Arabic.

The Ministry of Justice is usually responsible for hiring lawyers to defend those who are involved in crimes involving the death penalty or a life sentence.

The lawyer can attend with you at the police station if the case is being investigated by police but they have no power to represent you there. The lawyer can attend the public prosecutor investigations but has no power to represent you there.

  • Check the list of registered lawyers at
  • The consultation fee starts at Dh1,000 and can go up to Dh5,000.
  • There is no fixed lawyer fees. Each lawyer could charge you depending on his expertise.
  • Beware of associates who wait for clients at the courts and charge you just to attend to a simple matter.
  • You need a lawyer for cases such as divorce, child custody, rent dispute, appeals, bail, medical or insurance claims, accidents, medical malpractices, defamation cases and any criminal matter.
  • Approach the Attorney General at the courts to allow a lawyer to represent you in court.
  • The contract between you and your lawyer must be signed by both parties.
  • Fees must be paid at the attorney general's office to register the contract between you and the lawyer.
  • You need a copy of your passport or ID card in order to register a case at the court and to hire lawyers.
  • You can choose your lawyer from any of the emirates no matter in which court your case is being heard.
  • You can hire a lawyer here if you have case at any of the country's courts even if you are not living in the UAE.
  • There are some authorised lawyers in the UAE who can defend your case at any court in the world.