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Dubai: Dubai Police have rescued a youngster after he fell victim to drug addiction.

Colonel Abdullah Al Khayat, Director of Hemaya International Centre in Dubai Police, said the 19-year-old youngster bought A4-size sheets of paper from a dealer that were soaked with a narcotic substance. These drug-soaked sheets were then cut into smaller pieces and were used for smoking, using a ‘medwakh’ pipe.

“Fortunately, his father informed [the police] about his son after noticing some worrying changes in his behaviour such as smoking ‘medwakh’, stress and rage. His son was a smart pupil in school, but his behaviour changed unusually,” said Col Al Khayat.

The father searched his son’s room and found pieces of drug-soaked paper inside his smart phone’s cover. He then decided to alert Dubai Police who summoned the youngster.

“The boy fell into bad company as one of them was a drug addict and lured the boy into addiction through ‘medwakh’,” added Col Al Khayat.

The youngster admitted to contacting a drug dealer through a social media platform and buying from him a drug-soaked paper. “He cut it into smaller pieces and lit one of them to have a smoke, but suffered a severe headache and fell unconscious.”

The youngster realised his fault and promised not to succumb to a bad habit ever again.

Dubai Police did not slap any criminal charges on him according to Article 43 of the Anti-Narcotics Law, which exempts drug users from criminal charges if they voluntarily approach the police for help or are reported by their family or friends. Police provided guidance and psychological support to the youngster and referred him to rehabilitation treatment.

“The father played a key role in rescuing his son, unlike many other parents who often neglect their children’s strange behaviour such as spending hours outside their homes or sleeping outside. Parents also often do not keep track of their children’s friends and the company they keep. Bad company is the path to drug addiction,” Col Al Khayat cautioned. He further pointed out that drug dealers always find new ways to promote their business, but Dubai Police will always stand against them. Youngsters should avoid consuming illegal substances. Addiction can start with something as simple as a cigarette and lead on to something more hazardous. It is also important not to communicate with strangers on social media platforms,” Col Al Khayat added.

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Article 43 of Anti-Narcotics Law

Dubai Police called on families to take advantage of Article 43 of the Anti-Narcotics Law, which offers an opportunity to young people who have fallen victim to drug abuse to reform. Families should voluntarily report any case of drug addiction among family members so that the addict can be put under surveillance and subjected to necessary treatment.