Dirty pots and pans. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: A worker has been charged with attempted murder for running over his colleague during a heated row over a dirty cooking pot, the Dubai Court of Instance heard on Tuesday.

According to official records, in February of this year, the 58-year-old Bangladeshi defendant, who works in a livestock farm in Lihbab, went to the kitchen of his employer to collect left over food to feed the sheep, but he became angry when the food was left in a dirty cooking pot.

“The defendant asked the victim to move the food to a clean pot and both started yelling and insulting each other,” said a chef who witnessed the argument. “I tried to stop the fight and the defendant went outside,” added the chef.

After few minutes, the victim walked out of the kitchen and headed to the store when the defendant ran him over with his employer’s car.

“I went out to bring soap to clean the pot and saw the defendant sitting behind the wheel of the employer’s car,” said the victim. “He then ran over me and broke both my arms, and tried to reverse to hit me again. He always threatened to kill me with the car because he didn’t like the food I made.”

The chef heard the commotion outside and saw the victim on the ground and the defendant trying to reverse the car over the victim.

“I stopped him by standing in his way,” added the chef. “He stopped the car and stepped out and picked up a wooden bar and tried to chase the victim and hit him. I held the bar, while he was hysterical, repeating that he would kill him.”

The employer’s family came out of the house and alerted Dubai Police.

The defendant was arrested and confessed to attempting to kill his colleague during interrogation.

However, he denied an attempted murder charge when he appeared in court claiming that it was an accident while trying to move the car.

The trial has been adjourned until May 21 when a verdict will be read.