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Dubai Courts Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: A Dubai-based man has been acquitted by the Dubai Court of First Instance of rape charges. The judges found the 28-year-old man not guilty of charges of raping his countrywoman inside a car with heavily tinted windows.

According to official records, the 29-year-old woman claimed that she knew the defendant for nearly one year through her roommates. In February last year, she went to have dinner with him at a restaurant in Al Rashidiya area of Dubai. The alleged incident happened after they returned to her residence.

“He parked his car behind the building and then came and sat on the back seat. I was on the back seat too and he tried to kiss me. I refused, but he raped me on the back seat,” alleged the woman on record.

“I could see people passing by the car, but they couldn’t see us. I couldn’t yell for help as I was afraid of the defendant.”

The woman later told her roommates about the incident and they encouraged her to report the incident to Dubai Police.

Emirati lawyer Mohammad Al Redha of Al Redha Advocates and Legal Consultants, representing the defendant, said that his client didn’t rape the woman. He said that the victim claimed that the incident happened at 9pm, but lights were on in the parking lot near the building and people were walking by without noticing them.

“It is not logical for the defendant to rape her in such a busy area. [Had he wanted to rape her] He would have taken her to a deserted place. Moreover, the woman didn’t try to escape despite the fact that the car’s doors were not locked. It is clear that she had agreed to have an affair with him,” Al Redha said.

According to the latest changes in UAE Federal Penal Code, amendments stipulate punishments in sexual offences only if committed under duress, threat or force.

The court has acquitted the defendant of rape charges. The verdict will be subject to appeal within 15 days.