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Dubai: Two men went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they were accused of forging documents to register three vehicles under the ownership of their company before accumulating traffic fines worth Dh100,000.

According to official records, a 28-year-old Pakistani businesswoman who set up a maintenance company issued a visit visa to a 31-year-old Pakistani based on a request from their Emirati sponsor.

After three years, she received a notification from Dubai Roads and Transport Authority about Dh100,000 worth of accumulated traffic fines for three vehicles registered under her company’s name.

“I don’t know how the cars were registered under my company’s name. The defendant used the cars to transport passengers illegally three times and they were fined Dh60,000. There were many Salik and traffic fines worth Dh40,000 too,” the Pakistani businesswoman said in records.

A Pakistani witness testified that he wanted to sell his 2005 model vehicle and the defendant contacted him and agreed to buy the vehicle.

He claimed that they went to a car registration office in Al Qusais and transferred the ownership of the vehicle before Dubai Police summoned him and questioned him about the vehicle.

“The defendant came with documents to transfer the ownership of the vehicle and paid me the money,” the witness said in records.

Dubai Police arrested the defendant who claimed that it is a fabricated story by the businesswoman. The second defendant, a 43-year-old Afghani man who helped the first in committing the crime, was also arrested.

According to official records, the signature used in the documents was different from the victim’s.

Prosecution charged the Pakistani and the Afghani defendants with forgery and fraud.