Ajman: Ajman Police are looking for a woman who allegedly stole from a charity donation bin in Ajman on a daily basis.

A resident said she filmed the woman raiding the bin on April 27 after she had spotted her repeatedly pilfering from the bin.

“It was such an unusual sight. I never thought I’d see people go so low,” the resident said.

The donation bin, owned by a charity association based in Ajman, contained clothing and other items that would have been sent to the poor and needy.

Colonel Ali Al Matroushi, director of Ajman police stations, told Gulf News: “I was shocked to see such a theft. It is very good to see how vigilant the public are in recording events such as this and helping to eradicate the problem.”

He said thefts from clothing banks were not common as the idea of charity donation bins was a new one — in addition the bin was made in a way that made it difficult to steal its contents.

Theft, however committed, is punishable by law, he said.

Col Al Matroushi urged those in need to approach charity associations and ask for help instead of acting in an uncivilised way which may lead them to be punished.

He appealed to all community members in Ajman who come across similar incidents to contact the police on 999.