Dubai: A babysitter has been accused of working as prostitute during a random inspection visit by a municipality inspector, who found her rendering sexual services at a massage spa.

The 27-year-old Bangladeshi woman, who according to records worked as a babysitter, was said to have absconded from sponsor’s house and started working in a massage and skincare spa for men in April 2016.

During a random inspection tour by a municipality inspector the 27-year-old woman, according to records, was found to have been flouting residency law and working for a different sponsor.

The Bangladeshi woman was believed to have absconded from her Abu Dhabi-based sponsor and moved to work illegally at the massage spa, where the inspector found her involved in immoral practices.

Prosecutors charged the suspect with working as prostitute.

She pleaded not guilty when she appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

The municipality inspector told prosecutors that during a random inspection of the spa he saw a Chinese man at the reception and some Indians in the corridor. The inspector said when he showed his identity card to them, they all ran away. “I went inside the spa found women in various rooms. When I asked the to show me their labour cards, they failed to do so. Thereafter I called the police,” the inspector told prosecutors.

The 27-year-old Bangladeshi suspect was among the women who were caught at the massage spa.

The suspect told prosecutors that one of her countrywoman brought her to Ajman on a visit visa and she was supposed to work as a maid.

She said shortly after she arrived in the UAE, her countrywoman made her work as a prostitute and she also worked in a massage spa in Abu Dhabi.

The suspect said she also worked as a prostitute in Dubai before her arrest.

However, she denied working as a prostitute in Abu Dhabi.

Prosecution records confirmed that the suspect had come to the UAE on a visa sponsored by an Emirati in Sharjah and he had reported her absconding in March 2016.

Immigration and residency records, however, had no mention of the alleged countrywoman, whom the suspect had claimed to have brought her to Ajman on a visit visa.

The presiding judge announce a judgement in the case on April 27.