Ayesha Sultana
Ayesha Sultana Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai-based Indian doctor who was on her way home during government-mandated travel-restricted hours burst into tears when the policeman who flagged her down gave her a salute.

Dr Ayesha Sultana is a recent graduate who stepped up to work on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 in the UAE. She told Gulf News that she was speechless when the policeman saluted her without asking for her ID.

It was 1am when Dubai Police stopped her car near Al Mula Plaza; she was returning to Sharjah after finishing her shift at Al Ahli center in Dubai.

"I was pulling my ID and papers [out] to show to him but he saluted me, saying I don’t need to show him anything," Sultana told Gulf News by phone on Tuesday. "I was speechless and cried. Despite [the fact that] I was tired [after] work but this salute was my reward and waived my tiredness.

“I was full of emotions in that moment and didn’t know what to do. I wish if I know his name or face as he was wearing [a] mask. I just want to thank him."

After Sultana tweeted her experience thanking the unknown policeman for his gesture, her tweet went viral.

“As a resident, this is the biggest day of my life. Thank you for the gesture. I’m blessed to be in the UAE and serve the people here,” she said in her tweet.

Dubai Police took note of her post and contacted her.

“Awatif Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of the Happiness and Positivity Council at Dubai Police, called my father to thank him on behalf of the force. My father cried when she thanked him in the phone call. This salute became such a big thing for me and my family. I’m so happy and proud. Thanks Dubai police,” Sultana added.

Her tweet was liked not only by residents but also high ranking Dubai Police officials.

“Proud of you Dr and everyone who is in the front line [sic],” Brigadier Khalid Al Razooqi, director of Artificial Intelligence Department at Dubai police replied to her tweet.

Abdullah Al Basti, Secretary General of the Executive Council of Dubai, retweeted the Dr Sultana thread praising Dubai Police for their role in society.